A laboratory is located at the Institute of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Medicine University of Belgrade. The laboratory includes preclinical research on Drosophila in the field of fragile X.

  1. Work station Carbon dioxide Drosophila work station
  2. Zantiks kit Locomotor activity
    Circadian rhythm monitoring
    Toxicity, phenotyping and drug screening
    Startle response, habituation and prepulse inhibition
  3. Assessments of learning and memory Assessments of learning and of short–, mid–, and long–term memory in Drosophila models
  4. Assessments of gravitaxis movement Assessments of positive or negative gravitaxis movement in Drosophila species
  5. Assessment of spatial learning and cognition Studying the locomotor behavior of single Drosophila flies, interactions between pairs of flies, or the complex social interaction of individual flies behaving within large groups
    Assessment of spatial learning and cognition in Drosophila models
  6. 3D printer 3D printing: 3D printers and design software are revolutionizing many areas of scientific investigation. While previously only available in well–funded engineering labs, the recent availability of affordable units that can print in multiple types of plastic, and at sub–millimeter resolutions, means that researchers can quickly and easily design and print anything from replacement parts for larger devices to the purpose–built chambers needed for biological research, such as behavioral studies with Drosophila

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