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Teaching Assistant Pavle Piperac, MD

Pavle Piperac, MD, MSc, PhD, is a physician who specializes in radiology at the Emergency Center of the University Clinical Center of Serbia. He got PhD in the field of Public Health and focused his research on mental health and factors associated with burnout syndrome at work. He teaches medical sociology, medical ethics and bioethics at the Department of Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade — FMUB since 2017. He completed a master studies in Neuroethics at FMUB and got necessary knowledge and skills for the research in the field of clinical ethics. Participated in the international Bioethics Seminar “Responsible conduct of translational research” at FMUB, within the Best–NetWork Project, funded by EU Start Danube Region Projects Funds, and completed course “Training & Research for Academic Newcomers — TRAIN” at University of Belgrade. Also, he participated on the project “Preventing smoking, alcohol and internet addictions among children and adolescents: a family oriented training approach for adult learners and educators (Add-Free Training) co–funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. He has been working as General Practitioner at City Institute of Public Health, Belgrade, Unit for Health Control, Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He is the author of numerous scientific and professional works, and has participated and presented at a large number of domestic and international conferences, seminars and symposiums.

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