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The scientific activity of Vesna Dragutinović focuses on Chemistry in medicine, Enzymology, Matrix metalloproteinase (Zn endopeptidase), Trace elements (copper and zinc). She has experience as author of 1 book Matriks metalloproteinases as biomarker for students of School of Medicine, 1 chapter in book, peer–reviewed papers in international scientific journals and reviewer of some international journals. Her work has received 332 citations (without self–citation) and her h–index is 11 (Scopus).

Research in recent years has focused on colon cancer, MMP and oxidative stress enzymes. It has been shown that the matrix metalloproteinase activity can be an important parameter in the evolution of the condition of patients with gastric and colon cancer. Since 2009, the research area of V. Dragutinović has expanded to the MMP of thyroid cancer as well as to microelements, with especially significant of copper and zinc in certain pathologies. V. Dragutinović is a teacher in the elective course “Matrix metalloproteinase as potential biomarkers” for students of SOMUB.

During her visit of Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon V. Dragutinović presented the seminars:

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